CAFE SIK opened in September 2015, right in the heart of Osaka City, next to Utsubo Park.
Our main concept is based on 'a select shop where our customers experience new kinds of unique food and flavours'.

We have dining as well take-away options that includes cafestyle meals, delicious coffee,
a wine bar and a beautiful garden terrace with the view of Utsubo Park and its famous rose garden.

This atmosphere will allow you to enjoy a wonderful time with great friends, family and coworkers.


CAFE SIK is located right next to the stunning Utsubo Park and has a floor space of 231.4 square metres.

It is located in the Nishi-ku area of Osaka city.
On the east side facing the cafe, Utsubo Park has a beautiful rose garden
and a path with Japanese zelkova trees that provide a lovely shade for a nice and relaxing walk.

Our terrace has the view of this rose garden where wedding parties,
aleternoon tea parties and other events are held.

On the west side, lies the Utsubo Tennis Centre where avid tennis players
from WORLD SUPER JUNIOR TENNIS and other International tennis games may be held